Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just a moment to VENT

OK I know that this is silly of me to get annoyed with and to be bothered by, but I AM.
It seems to happen every time the girls are crying when I am out. Granted I have two babies and maybe they feel bad for me.. but does anyone else get annoyed by people trying to tell you how to take care of your baby if they are crying???
Today I was out at Walmart getting some slippers for my 3 year old step daughter and Ruby was asleep and woke up crying tired major freak out, but I know that cry, it is the I woke up and want to go back to sleep cry...

SO this woman came up to me (first off tries to touch the babies which I HATE.. do not touch a sleeping baby) and tells me she thinks my baby is hungry. I politely tell her that she is not hungry but tired as she just woke up from what should be a longer nap.
She continues to say that she has 6 children and she knows what a tired cry is, and that my baby is hungry... I again politely as I could tell her that she is not hungry that she ate less than an hour ago and that she is just tired and wants me to keep the stroller moving...She continues on about being hungry and says she will pick her up if I am going to ignore her...ARGH I start trying to stroll away and she just kept saying she thinks she is hungry....

Granted this has happened more than once, but not to that extreme, but more people saying do you need my help to calm your babies.... I politely decline and say they are just tired, or just fussy..

What do you guys do if or when this happens to you???

Maybe I am overreacting with being really bothered by it!


Nicole Wagner said...

Oh, just reading that makes my skin crawl....I would have smacked her! lol. just kidding...but really...mind your own freakin' business! it's one thing to offer to help its another to say you know what a baby needs when you don't know them and to be insistent on it, I would have been VERY annoyed too!
huge hugs.

Deborah said...

I can't believe people!! I would completely be bothered by it, and I think that I would have probably said something mean to her after she didn't back off. I doesn't matter how many kids someone has - a mother knows her children. And really, especially as a stranger, people should really keep to themselves!

Visible Voice said...

She will PICK HER UP IF YOU KEEP IGNORING HER?????????? Oh my blood is boiling!!!!! I don't even know what to say!!!

Here I thought it was bad when a lady gave me a lecture about cute kid having a soother still. I choose my battles...I live near people who threaten to kill kid can keep his soother for a bit!

I mean I know there's some people who want to give advice and are really just trying to help...but that is just....grr. You know time you just say...actually she's crying because she doesn't like you. She's really sensitive to overbearing strangers. And she thinks you smell bad too.

Really that throws me right over the edge!

Rob said...

I would have lost it on the lady. I might have pressed charges if she picked up my kids. I think you were right to be upset. that lady sounds like a loonie.