Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jazzy Turns 3

We had a wonderful birthday party for Jazzy complete with balloons, friends, cake and gifts. We had a blast decorating the pumpkins and were grateful we decided not to carve them but decorate the outsides instead.

Everyone had a great time and thankfully everything went smoothly without any meltdowns from anyone, including the babies!

OH, and in case you are wondering.. You can actually purchase insurance on Hungry Hungry Hippo, in case you break it or the parts for 15 months! Yeah, I know, one of the oddest offers for insurance we have every had!


Leslie said...

I know it is odd to comment on this post but I just wanted to say thanks for checking in on my family! I remember when I was inpatient looking at pictures of Ruby and Charlotte and even once the girls were born and thinking I couldnt wait until they were as big as yours were when they were born. So glad to see your family is doing so well. If you get a chance...drop me a line about how in the world you manage cloth diapers with twins and the expense if you dont mind! Thanks! -Leslie

Claudine said...

That looks like an amazing party!!

What a cool idea!

And add me anytime! Thanks for your comments on my blog! Totally appreciated!

Tams said...

This party looks like a great time! I'm totaly jealous and now know what fun I'm going to have on my next birthday! :)

You're joke was great! I'm still smiling over it.

Write when you can!

Love you too!