Sunday, November 01, 2009

And the blog giveaway WINNER is...

This contest closed last night at midnight and we happen to have hosted a Halloween party, but more of a get together at this point in our lives... and at midnight my husband verified the number as it came from but somehow I am not smart enough to get the actual number to be on my post... (need help on that one for next time) but the winning number is 38 - Kathy from The Super Seven !  She will be super excited, as would any of you have been. 
She will get to go to to pick out the fun!

Congrats to Kathy and stay tuned while I decide what my next giveaway will be.. I had so much fun with this one I am for sure going to do another one!  I know I never win the ones I enter, but someone has to win, maybe it will be you next!!

(Kathy can you send me your email so I can pass it on..... thanks)

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The Super Seven said...

Yahoo!!!! I can't believe that I actually won and am sooooooo excited!!! I was on first thing this morning before you had posted the winner and Laura was nice enough to call me with the exciting news!!!!! Thanks for the giveaway and for for picking my number.....I'll message you on facebook with my email!!!!