Saturday, November 28, 2009

FIRST Night away from my BABIES

Actually, I had a lot of fun, and though I missed the girls A LOT, I knew they were in excellent hands with Sharon and Stephanie. I did not even call, but sent a text after their bed time to make sure they were down OK.

Where was I?

My husband is in the Executive for the Teachers Union and they had meetings and a Christmas social last night. It was a lovely time and a wonderful dinner and socializing. The night ended with a Yankee Gift Swap, and my husband and I were very happy with our gifts of ITunes gift cards, and were happy that our SCENTSY products were well enjoyed, though I do not think someone enjoyed having their bottle of scotch taken away for some Scentsy products, but his wife was happy about it!

All in all it was a wonderful night and a great chance for my husband and I to spend some much needed alone time. This also was a trial run to see if I might be able to survive 36 hours instead of 24 hour so we can go away for a night to Halifax over the Christmas holidays to get away, as well as see AVATAR in IMAX.

So who knows what will happen, but I now understand those mothers who had a very hard time leaving their children for a night. Really though, it is not that I thought they would have a super hard time with it! Let's face it for most of us, it is because we mothers have the hard time with it.

How did your first night away from your baby/babies go???

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Tunes - Blue Rodeo

Yes.. Blue Rodeo!!
They have been around for A LONG time, but they are another great little Canadian gem (In my opinion at least) and no matter how many years go by, I always love listening to the voice of Jim Cuddy

I do not think I have more memories associated with Blue Rodeo (good and bad) than I do with any other band...

This is from their new album just released called The Things we Left Behind and the song is called "One Light Left in Heaven"

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Tunes - Kings of Leon

I love this song... absolutely love this song... Makes me happy every time I hear it, and I just love his raspy voice....

What song makes you happy?????

Friday, November 06, 2009

You know you are tired when....

You know you are tired when you change your daughters cloth diaper and go to put it in the wet bag and realize it is clean, and realize you somehow managed to put the wet diaper back on your child....

When did you realize you were TIRED????


So it has been a long week for some reason..
I missed Tuesday Tunes and Wordless Wednesday...

I promise I will be back next week.. I think part of it is the weather is getting cold and I do not like cold weather.. It sometimes puts me in a bad mood!!

Actually I will do Tuesday Tunes..
This is a unique song that many of you may not know... but give it a chance.. it grows on you..
Plus whenever I hear it, it makes me smile and tonight.. I certainly can use that.

What song makes you smile????

Sunday, November 01, 2009

And the blog giveaway WINNER is...

This contest closed last night at midnight and we happen to have hosted a Halloween party, but more of a get together at this point in our lives... and at midnight my husband verified the number as it came from but somehow I am not smart enough to get the actual number to be on my post... (need help on that one for next time) but the winning number is 38 - Kathy from The Super Seven !  She will be super excited, as would any of you have been. 
She will get to go to to pick out the fun!

Congrats to Kathy and stay tuned while I decide what my next giveaway will be.. I had so much fun with this one I am for sure going to do another one!  I know I never win the ones I enter, but someone has to win, maybe it will be you next!!

(Kathy can you send me your email so I can pass it on..... thanks)