Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alpaca Jazzy Day

On Saturday my husband and I took Jazzy to an Alpaca farm in Portage Vale outside of Sussex.
She was so excited to go see the Alpaca and was telling everyone that day where she was going.
She met Brenda and Mike at a craft show last year where they were selling products from their Alpaca wool. So, we decided since we were going to be in Sussex visiting my parents (and Adam getting fitted for some much needed new golf clubs - his bonus for finishing his Masters last year)
that we would stop to see the Alpaca.
I think they are adorable and cute, Adam thinks they are so ugly they are cute... Jazzy, well aside from being scared of one of them because he moved to fast to get the food, thought they were very 'cute'.. You decide for yourself!


Deborah said...

haha - I don't know if I would call them cute, but how fun!

The Abarca's said...

What is more cuter than kids at the zoo? Nothing. She looks like she enjoyed it alot.