Sunday, April 19, 2009

Big Baby Steps

So this week has been a very eventful week for our little twin girls. Today when I went up to visit them and bring back some clean matching blankets and outfits (they do provide them but if you want to bring in their own you take them home to wash them so they don't get mixed up with the Units things). I got to change them before their feedings, which I love doing anything, and to my surprise Jan, the nurse who was in charge of the twins today brought over their feed, but it was in a bottle. I was so excited and was able to feed Ruby while she fed Charlotte. She sucked it back much faster than I had expected, and so to prove to us just how big of girls they are on their one month birthday, they both took their whole feeding by bottle. They won't take all their feedings by bottle just yet because it tires them out so quickly, but they are making great progress. Tomorrow I get to try my hand at giving them each a bath, and they said sometime within the next week or so they are going to try to get them to latch onto me..
Its been an exciting week for the McKim twins and I am so happy our little girls are progressing, and sad Daddy has been sick and had to miss all these events!

Here are the girls together for one of the first times since being born!
Charlotte on the left and Ruby on the right... I will be so happy when they get their little tubes out, but for now, we are happy that is all they need to have!


The Bing's said...

although I saw your picture on facebook, I just wanted to write and say how adorable your girls and and woohoo for drinking from the bottle!!!! That's so awesome and I'm so happy that they are both doing so great!! What Cuties!

Alex and Kellie Lambert said...

Wow that pic is soooo cute! They are progressing so well!

Nicole Wagner said...

Jenny, I just have to say how precious they are. Every time I check out the updates and see pictures I think of how much you must LOVE them!!!! what a wonderful Gift from God they are. I'm so happy for you and so happy that they have YOU as their mommy. It's amazing to see how God's blessing have unfolded in your life!!
I love you!!!

Deborah said...

Yeah for their progress!! And how cute they look together!