Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So I have been able to nurse the girls twice a day.  They are not strong enough yet to be nursed more often as it is a lot more work than they are used to and they get tired so fast.  They do however, take a bottle most of the other feedings which means they are getting stronger.  I love nursing them and it is a wonderful experience to see them grow and develop.
Ruby is actually much better at nursing.  Charlotte seems to be having trouble figuring out the whole breathing and sucking and swallowing thing together so she tires herself out really fast..
The other night we decided to try them both at the same time.. That was interesting, and nothing short of wonderful.  It was not easy to get them into position, thankfully I had help.  I do think it will be much easier when they are just a little bit bigger, and when they have their tubes and cords off of them.  
All in all, I am so delighted to be able to nurse them more and more.. 

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Deborah said...

You are amazing - I sometimes have a hard time getting one into position!