Monday, May 25, 2009


It is hard to believe that today is the girls original due date. I look at them every day and can't believe how much they are growing and how healthy they are. We have been truly blessed to have them home this past week and half and are excited to be able to watch them grow up. I keep looking at their cute little faces, trying to find little differences so that we might be able to tell them apart. Last week Ruby Jane scratched her face and it gave us the difference for a few days. Right now Ruby still has the hospital bracelet on her ankle and we will be getting their ears pierced as soon as they are old enough so that we might tell them apart. Ruby - with Rubies Charlotte - with little diamonds. I know some people might have their own opinions on piercing babies ears early (actually I do too in a way) but we are terrified of mixing them up. As you will notice in the photos they are getting more and more alike. There have been days (like yesterday when they were dressed the same for Church) where we had to check to see who had the bracelet on.
They are such great little girls. They are on a four hour feeding schedule, though sometimes it can be 3 and the other morning we had a 6 hour solid sleep... I nurse them basically only once through the night.. Normally its feed them around 11PM and then at 3ish and 7 ish.. It works really well and I do find I get a decent amount of sleep. I take the first shift where I get up if they are crying too much or to change the diapers while my husband sleeps with ear plugs. After their middle of the night feeding, I put the ear plugs in and I try to get a solid 3 plus hours. My husband is wonderful with the girls and changes most of the dirty diapers. We are planning on doing cloth diapers and we have some great ones purchased but they are still too big for the girls and we did not want the expense of purchasing new ones for a month or so. With that said it is insane the amount of diapers we are going through. Last week alone we spent about 50+ dollars on diapers! Thankfully we are not having to purchase formula as well for two. The cloth diapers are going to be a lot more work, but it will be worth it (I HOPE).

So it has been a busy week and half since they have been home, but we are doing great. They really are such sweet beautiful girls and their big sister Jazzy just adores them.
We are busy getting the new house organized (yes we moved last Monday to a new bigger house with a POOL) and its amazing how much we can accomplish when the girls sleep 16-18 hours a day!
I will post photos of the new house with the before and after rooms.. but for now here are some photos of our little baby girls!

Ruby and Charlotte

Ruby and Charlotte

Charlotte and Ruby

Charlotte and Ruby

Our little Ruby Jane

I think we are going to have to start making sure that when we take pictures they are always on the same side... Like Ruby is always on the right! If we don't, we are never going to be able to tell them apart. As you can see they are starting to look more and more alike.


Deborah said...

I can't believe how much bigger they look already! You are super mom for taking care of twins and moving at the same time!

Amy Swor said...

You are such a smart mommy for piercing their ears as soon as possible.

I pierced our g/g identical twins at 6 wks. Our ped gave me some suggestions for moms having their baby girls ears pierced.

Write me an e-mail if you would like our ped's tips.


The Abarca's said...

Man, I think it would be hard to tell them apart. I think that earrings on a little baby are so cute, and I plan to do it with all my girls. Love the pics, they are so adorable.

Visible Voice said...

They are sooo adorable!!

Bess said...

The are getting cuter and cuter everyday. And they still look like grampy for sure.

The Wentzell's said...

They are so adorable, I can't imagine having two to deal with at once. Congratulations they are sweet babies.