Saturday, June 06, 2009


The water is warm enough, the air is warm enough and we are going to love having a pool this summer. We purchased some swim diapers for the girls (though somehow did not purchase bathing suits yet) and decided we would try them out in the pool and see if they like it. Well, they really did not like it that much.. If we cuddled them close to us they were OK with it, but you could tell they were not loving it. They are quite young still so we will give them more time. We will probably wait until they love their bath time to get them in the pool. How old were your children when you started putting them in water, and how old were they when they started liking the water???

Most of you who read the blog live too far away, but for those of you who do not... The pool is open and an open invitation still stands!!

The girls practicing laying out getting sun

Daddy and Ruby

Family shot (and yes I can't believe I am posting a photo of me in a bathing suit so early post twins)


Nicole Wagner said...

they are adorable and so are YOU!
don't tell me that's in your backyard???
I've always dreamed of having my own pool when we own a house:) I LOVE to swim!!!

Anonymous said...

They have the cutest chubby bellies! Hugs to all! -Leah B.

Deborah said...

I'm so jealous! Wish I lived closer so I could come join in the fun!

Roth Family said...

Nice pool. I so wished I lived closer. What a cute family photo. Looks like you are having fun with your new little family.

The Abarca's said...

Seeing that pool and I being in this 44 degree weather really makes me want to jump in, I am so jealous. Your little girls are getting so big.

Precia said...

I think you can't get kids loving water soon enough. I freak about the first bath making it a good experience because I want them to love water. Also we are kind of crazy and teach our kids to swim at 2 (Daddy does it I can't handle it). I just don't want one drowning. And in backyard pools bathing suits are optional, at least that is what our kids think (not me). Catching up on your blog so i am going to leacve you way too many comments.