Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Tunes - WINTERSLEEP

So I think that on Tuesdays I am going to share a song with all of you...Honestly I have no idea how many people actually read my blog because I know I don't always leave comments when I read others posts!!

First up a shout out to a "local" band from Halifax, WINTERSLEEP
This band is my husbands favourite and I honestly knew little of them before we met but now I adore most of their music. This first song is a bit more mellow than most of their songs but I love the easy flow of the music...

Wintersleep - Weighty Ghost

Please tell me what you think....


Chantelle Abarca said...

I read your blog all the time...and I absoutly loved that song. I am going to listen to others from them on youtube...I like you tuesday tunes.

Visible Voice said...

I like em!

I always read! I just love those darn cute baby girls of yours!

There's a girl moving to my "hole in the world" who is having twins so any advice you can give me as to how I can help her would be much appreciated! She obviously won't have family here and I know how hard it was to move away from family with a baby!