Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome Back Brady... FOOTBALL

I know I have FOOTBALL in caps for the title and I do have fun watching the Patriots games with my husband but aside from those games you won't find me watching any other football games. We went to a game last year... No wait.. the year before when Brady was not hurt and had a blast...

How cute are my girls surprising their daddy with the Patriots outfits ready to cheer for the game. Too bad they were well asleep before they even started warming up.


Alex and Kellie Lambert said...

So cute! I didn't know they made football clothing for kids that little! So sweet!

Tams said...

Oh my JennyBean,
They really are adorable... though they would look SO much better in yellow and green, but what can you do? :)

I love you Jenny and miss you so much too! I would love to talk soon. Write when you can!

Rob said...

The only way they could be cuter is if they had 49ers shirts on!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad they were asleep??? I hope the babies don't read this entry before the next evening game. :)
It really was a nice surprise but, then again, that's my wonderful Jenny.