Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coming Together

So MY house (technically it is still my house) ...
With much help from Adam is coming together.
It is looking more and more like home.. and I am enjoying
more and more coming home.

I am very proud of a few things..

1.  We put up my clothes line - I'll admit I was a dork in my 
personal excitement of a clothes line.

2.  I put in a garden.  I planted peas, beans (green and yellow)
Carrots, cucumbers, turnip, spinach, lettuce and pumpkins.
We shall see how it grows, but as you can tell from my photo
below something is growing great :) 

3.  We got a BBQ - I got it nice and dirty tonight cooking some
yummy lean sirloin burgers...

4.  My first Rose is blooming.  REAL rose.  Not wild roses.. They
are hard to grow around here but I thought I would try and to 
my surprise there is a beautiful orange rose blooming.. How did
they know Orange is my favourite colour?   

5.  My dining room chairs.  These things were not the easier to 
get my hands on.   Ikea - Gilbert chairs.  In the fall when Adam
and I went to Boston to a Patriots game we hit up Ikea down 
there and they were all out.  Shipping them was out of the
question due to shipping charges.  SO, when I was in Utah I 
checked and amazingly they had some.  I brought six chairs
back with me on my flights as my checked baggage.  Thankfully
the packaging was compact enough and light enough...

So here is a picture of the Living room.  The corner I am standing
in to take the photo is where the IMac is sitting.
My wonderful father made us the shelves.. We just need to 
figure out what to do with the middle shelves under the TV..

The other photos is of course showing off my love for my chairs.
The Dining Room.. We really like this room.. The sun is always 
very bright in the afternoon and evening...

So all in all things are coming together..



Bess said...

Very cute Jenny. It all looks so very put together.
The chairs look fantastic.

bev said...

your place is adorable!!
very classy!
and i'm impressed you have a garden!