Thursday, June 19, 2008

I "heart" our new IMac

First off let me tell you how different it is to talk in 
WE instead of ME...

So Adam and I did it.
We bought the new IMac.  She arrived sooner than we thought 
and though the FedEx guy missed us at home, we were quick to
drive across town in rush hour traffic to pick it up.  We were
actually right behind a FedEx truck and contemplated waving 
him/her down to see if they had our parcel in there.

We are so excited.
Of course we did the first thing anyone does when they get their
new IMac... We played on PhotoBooth.  Too much fun.

So here she is...
We are still learning all about her, but it was love at first "Isight"

1 comment:

Bess said...

She is a beauty.
So where I your photobooth pictures?