Saturday, June 28, 2008

Photobooth and Parents

On Thursday Adam and I had our parents over for the first
dinner. No, its not the first dinner we have had in our house,
but its the first time our parents have met. People might think
that only living 50 minutes from my parents and 2 minutes from
Adam's parents, that we would be able to get together plenty
often. However, with our busy lives that has not happened
until now. Things went great... The conversation never stopped
and the dinner though nothing fancy was tasty on the BBQ.
Just before leaving Adam wanted to show the Photobooth
pictures to the parents. Lets just say we all had a good laugh
at it. Tears rolling down my parents faces and I type of good

Just in case you can't figure out who is in the photos
1. Jazzy
2. Me (alien me)
3. Mom
4. Dad


Bess said...

Love the mom and dad pics. Those are hilarious. Looks like dad dressed up.

Jenny May said...

Dad did look nice..
It was a lot of fun the entire evening. We seriously had tears
running down our eyes...