Saturday, June 28, 2008

Photobooth and Parents

On Thursday Adam and I had our parents over for the first
dinner. No, its not the first dinner we have had in our house,
but its the first time our parents have met. People might think
that only living 50 minutes from my parents and 2 minutes from
Adam's parents, that we would be able to get together plenty
often. However, with our busy lives that has not happened
until now. Things went great... The conversation never stopped
and the dinner though nothing fancy was tasty on the BBQ.
Just before leaving Adam wanted to show the Photobooth
pictures to the parents. Lets just say we all had a good laugh
at it. Tears rolling down my parents faces and I type of good

Just in case you can't figure out who is in the photos
1. Jazzy
2. Me (alien me)
3. Mom
4. Dad

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coming Together

So MY house (technically it is still my house) ...
With much help from Adam is coming together.
It is looking more and more like home.. and I am enjoying
more and more coming home.

I am very proud of a few things..

1.  We put up my clothes line - I'll admit I was a dork in my 
personal excitement of a clothes line.

2.  I put in a garden.  I planted peas, beans (green and yellow)
Carrots, cucumbers, turnip, spinach, lettuce and pumpkins.
We shall see how it grows, but as you can tell from my photo
below something is growing great :) 

3.  We got a BBQ - I got it nice and dirty tonight cooking some
yummy lean sirloin burgers...

4.  My first Rose is blooming.  REAL rose.  Not wild roses.. They
are hard to grow around here but I thought I would try and to 
my surprise there is a beautiful orange rose blooming.. How did
they know Orange is my favourite colour?   

5.  My dining room chairs.  These things were not the easier to 
get my hands on.   Ikea - Gilbert chairs.  In the fall when Adam
and I went to Boston to a Patriots game we hit up Ikea down 
there and they were all out.  Shipping them was out of the
question due to shipping charges.  SO, when I was in Utah I 
checked and amazingly they had some.  I brought six chairs
back with me on my flights as my checked baggage.  Thankfully
the packaging was compact enough and light enough...

So here is a picture of the Living room.  The corner I am standing
in to take the photo is where the IMac is sitting.
My wonderful father made us the shelves.. We just need to 
figure out what to do with the middle shelves under the TV..

The other photos is of course showing off my love for my chairs.
The Dining Room.. We really like this room.. The sun is always 
very bright in the afternoon and evening...

So all in all things are coming together..


I "heart" our new IMac

First off let me tell you how different it is to talk in 
WE instead of ME...

So Adam and I did it.
We bought the new IMac.  She arrived sooner than we thought 
and though the FedEx guy missed us at home, we were quick to
drive across town in rush hour traffic to pick it up.  We were
actually right behind a FedEx truck and contemplated waving 
him/her down to see if they had our parcel in there.

We are so excited.
Of course we did the first thing anyone does when they get their
new IMac... We played on PhotoBooth.  Too much fun.

So here she is...
We are still learning all about her, but it was love at first "Isight"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Granted I have been home from my Utah visit for about
a week and a half, but I had to say how enjoyable my
visit was... I got to finally see my new sweet little niece
Hazel...  She loved me :)  It had been over a year since I had
been down to Utah, and it was a much overdo trip.

I had a great time with my 7 nieces and nephews.
Went to Lagoon with Samuel, Alina, Cameron and
Cray-Cray .. They had a fun time watching their Aunt
Jenny scream her head off on the roller coasters.

I am a terrible aunt and really only had my camera out
the first day..

Henri was a bit shy with me at first, seeing how long it has
been and  how young he was when he last saw me.  
However, he warmed up quickly which was fun.  

I must say he made me tear up when I was leaving.
I spent some time down in Springville with Bess and Micah
and the kids, and then up to Roy with Amie and Gary and 
the kids.   When Henri realized I was not coming back with
them to Springville he asked me if I could come because
"I always misses you Jenny".. Lets just say I melted...

I wish both sisters would just figure out some way to come
live closer to me.  I miss them and the kids way too much.

Its amazing how much he looks like Bess....