Sunday, February 21, 2010

Entryway Make Over - Ty Pennington Who???

OK so, MAYBE I don't have the skills that Ty has, but I also don't have the staff and the tools, but I am happy with my entry way make over.  Yes, I did EVERYTHING by myself.
My husband was gone this week for meetings with the teachers Union in Fredericton, so I had double duty of babies during the day/night and I managed to get mostly all of this finished to surprise my husband when he came home.  I love my husband, but we both know I am the handy one of the two of us, and I love doing handy things... So... One of the last rooms to have a MUCH needed facelift...  There are still a couple things I need to add to the room including a vinyl quote for the wall... I had to take photos right away because we all know it is not going to stay looking to neat and tidy, but I am very HAPPY with the results and so is everyone who comes through!

Here are some before shots!

Yes it was a 1970's wood panel look with a cute ironing board closet!
On the right is where we would hang out coats...
This photo does not show our washer and dryer but everything else was just about the same with colours and I had still not taken down the lace window treatments.

So.. here is the new and improved room!  I smile every time I come in the room now!

Need to figure out what picture to put in the cute frame I found to match the letters for our first names.  I almost found enough for the family but they did not have any "R" left for Ruby so I opted to get just the two for Adam and I!  I LOVE them and put them in the old ironing board closet!

SO there it is everyone!  It was A LOT of work and I did it mostly all at night when the babies went to bed and a few things while I had a friend over so I could go down to the "shed" to use the table saw to cut the trip and the wainscotting.  I had A LOT of fun and now it is just to decide what QUOTE to put above the coat hooks..
ANY IDEAS of what it should say?????


The Full Nelson said...

Love it!! Good work, don't think I could do that. I need to get some vinyl lettering for our walls, it really makes the room I think. I saw a quote for a mudroom that said "Life is full of choices: Remove your shoes or mop the floor"...or "The dirt stops here". I Love the first one though and if I EVER have a house I want to use that

Laura Beth said...

Jenny, you did AWESOME. That room looks so fresh and beautiful. You are better then Ty as far as I'm concerned!!

Lindsey said...

you are amazing.

WillowCreekSigns said...

Mudroom... the dirt stops here.
Welcome to the Jungle.
Remember as far as anyone knows... we are a nice normal family.

Chantal said...

Don't forget your lunch, pee before you go.

Deborah said...

I'm impressed! Want to come finish my house now?