Monday, February 15, 2010

Think before You Speak...PLEASE!

I briefly mentioned that the girls had their 9 month (adjusted) follow up at from the NICU last week and everything is great.. Charlotte is off the charts and Ruby is right where she should be... I just have to tell this little story because not only did it make me slightly fume, it made me laugh telling my husband of it later.

So I was getting in the elevator with my long beautiful red/black double stroller that I heart, when another lady, and a couple got on the elevator with me.  Of COURSE I get the usual questions I sometimes wonder why people ask, like "are they twins???" YES - You must have your hands full?  - YES (both of them I always answer)... Then the woman by her self asked another usual question and this is how it went down.

Lady - "Are these your first children"

Me - "YES"

Lady - "Well that's good, at least that way it is EASY because you don't know any different"

Me - "Do you have any children?"

Lady - "Yes, just one!"

Me - "Was THAT EASY??"

Lady - "ummmm"

Other couple - "laugh laugh laugh"

Nothing else was said, but sometimes I have to wonder if people really think before they speak....
Add this one to the list of "You did not just say that to me" comments while out with the twins!

That is right up there with the lady in the grocery store asking me if I was buying the canned mandarine slices for the babies (I think they were like 5 months), and when I said No - She said good because she has 5 children and she knows they are too young for that and I looked quite young so wanted to pass that along -  Seriously?  Seriously???



Anonymous said...

If you can not be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.............................................

The Full Nelson said...

Oh wow...

Chantal said...

I have started to ignore people and/or be rude. I am not a rude person, but I think I have hit my limit. When asked if they are twins I will sometimes respond with "no, that one is mine and I stole the other" I know it "could" get me into trouble, but that comment always stops the next 30 questions that usually come out. My husband's response to the are they twins questions is "yes, but only one of them is mine." I also have found great satisfaction at yelling at people when they try to touch them. I bring out the whole, would you like if I was touching you in the middle of the store? thing and they back off.

You handled it much better then I do! Great post!

WillowCreekSigns said...

I kind of get the same thing from everyone. Oh your husband is deployed? I am so sorry. Where is he? Korea. Oh well that's good. I know he is not in harms way but he is still away from his family for a year. Regardless of where he is it is not good anyway you look at it.