Monday, July 18, 2011


Saturday night Adam and I went to see how it all ends (at least in Movie form) of Harry Potter.  I can only say it was amazing and heart felt and my favourite part of the book was done so absolutely beautiful that I was crying plenty of tears!  There were a couple change ups that perhaps as a HUGE fan of the books I was not a huge fan of them onscreen but after much discussion on the way home with my husband we both agreed that it really would have been difficult to pull off exactly how it happens in the book - on screen.  I won't say what they are for those who have not read the books or seen the final movie yet.
If you are going - bring kleenex for sure!

In other Harry Potter related news because I am sure I'm the only one who has not shared this.. but well um at least he is not a teenager so I can say is anyone else's mind blown away by this!  Neville LongBottom you have come a long way in the books and in real life!! (Matthew Lewis is the actors name)

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