Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The twins have been growing so fast it seems, and their vocabulary and smarts are really kicking into high gear.  It is so cute to listen to them talk and especially talk to each other.  When they speak to each other they speak so much faster and with such cute little words and their little voices get higher and higher!  Jazzy has been enjoying the twins so much more as well which is a wonderful thing to see and hear.
The hardest part we are dealing with right now is their possessiveness of Mommy.  I am happy they love their Mommy and Daddy so much, but when they are whining over me - oh that is not any fun for anyone involved!  Yesterday up at the pool was for sure a first!  Ruby was hanging out at my feet and eating her snack and Charlotte came over to try to get close to me and Ruby put her arm out as if to almost clothesline Charlotte and said in a very Firm and loud voice, "NO THAT'S MY MOMMY"!   It went back and forth between the two of them claiming sole ownership of me and if the voices had not escalated to yelling at each other, it actually would have been quite cute!  I should soak of the days of them wanting to spend every minute in my site, because I am not looking forward to when I am no longer the coolest person to hang out with!

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