Sunday, July 24, 2011


Because I plan to become more consistent with my blog posts I really wanted to make sure to blog about the cute and fun and unique things my children do as a way to record for my blog book later on.

So today was a great one in my books.  Adam and I are thankfully on the same page when it comes to parenting and Time Outs have become a useful tool for us with the twins.  However, today I think it lost a little bit of its effectiveness this is how it went down.

Mommy sitting putting in a Scentsy Order
Charlotte and Ruby eating popcorn and watching Tangled
Charlotte comes over to Mommy
"Mommy, I needs a time out"

Mommy "Why Charlotte"

Charlotte "I going hit Ruby"

Mommy "thank you for telling me"

Charlotte then proceeds to put herself in a time out in the time out chair for thinking about hitting Ruby and not actually hitting her.  I tried to explain to her that she did not need to go in a time out for something she did not do, and thanked her for being honest about wanting to hit Ruby.

Inside I was dying of laughter but the moment was too precious to ruin with a laugh!

Oh the fun things our children do at the young age of 2

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