Saturday, July 30, 2011


There are many things I thought about wanting to do with my family long before I even had a family.  I knew I wanted to make memories doing things together as a family and regardless of how much work and how much stress it could possibly be, I still wanted to do them.  Camping of course was on that list.  Do not get me wrong, I LOVE CAMPING!  I love the smell of a campfire, and the sound of the zipper from the tent zipping and unzipping!  I love the sticky mess marshmellows can make and the ice cold water you would use to try to get the sticky mess off.  Above all, I love the freedom children can have to run around without a care in the world, getting dirty, getting wet, but most of all having fun!

We went camping in Mactaquac and I must say that the camp ground was very children friendly and their facilities were excellent for someone in a tent.  Our disturbingly loud and foul neighbours were not a welcomed addition to the first night but honestly it poured buckets on us the first night so I am not sure if I would have gotten many more hours of sleep worrying if I was going to wake up with the children soaked.
We decided that even though the twins are in their big girl beds they would still sleep in their playpens inside the tent which was the best decision we could have made.

The trip was certainly not all it planned out to be.  My in Laws were along for the ride and my Brother who is home for two week break from the OneAsia Professional Golf tour, along with my mother came up for supper and the night with hopes of us all golfing in the morning.  The Heavens which just continued to open on us sent my mother and brother packing home at 730 in the morning and the rest of us to the mall in Fredericton to run the three girls around until the rain hopefully stopped.  Thankfully it did and we were able to enjoy a lovely afternoon and evening around the camp fire!

We made memories - the twins had a great time chasing after Jazzy and learning to throw a frisbee with minimal damage to the local trees and foreheads!  Was it the best camping trip I have ever been on?  Perhaps not, but it was the first one with my wee ones and even if they won't remember stinking up the tent with their farting all night from the mixture of marshmellows and camping food,  the rest of us will and I am thankful for even just the one day of sunshine as it allowed us to create a lifetime of little memories!

The twins getting set to partake of some camping food! Charlotte (L) Ruby (R)

I REALLY wish I could have known what they were talking about.. Ruby on the left!

PIGGY and ELEPHANT just HAD to experience camping along with the twins!  They sleep with these little Scentsy Buddies and we were NOT leaving them home!

Throwing Rocks in the River is a favourite of my children - I think of any children!

Just because I think it is a cute photo of the twins!  I could not begin to tell you which one is which.

Charlotte digging for better rocks

Ruby wondering why Mommy has the camera in her face while trying to pick up rocks

Jazzy is extremely hard to get a good photo of!  If she knows you have the camera it is the ultimate cheese crazy person smile with the hand on the hip.  I surprised her with this one and it is the best I have!

The long walk back from the river to the playground and camp site.  Next time we go we would for sure stay closer to the playground and water.  We had a beautiful site with a cute brook running right along it, but too far from the river for my little ones!

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Precia said...

Wow what a beautiful place to camp! And your girls are beautiful!