Saturday, March 06, 2010

Bathing How To

I absolutely love my little girls (though I have been dreaming about being pregnant with a boy) and I love how excited they get over little things.  Example - Right now they are both crawling around the floor laughing chasing each other and an empty container of puffs is rolling all around and they think it is the most funny thing they have ever played with - How I wish our lives as adults were so uncomplicated.

This morning I decided to do a double bath again.  They love it so much, and I have been trying to teach them to "wash" themselves with the face cloth.. We will have to work on that, as you can see from the photos they did just about everything but!

Bath Time

Who says the babies do not have any hair ????


The Full Nelson said...

oh my how cute are they!! They've beaten Karington in the boy department!!

Laura Beth said...

Oh man your kids are cute! You should totally have another one! Then you don't need to decide on your job... you can just have mat leave :) problem solved.

Deborah said...

So cute!!

日日夜夜 said...
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