Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy First Birthday (picture heavyish)

I can't believe my little girls turned one today.
They are soundly sleeping during their afternoon nap and I already had my little cry over the fact they turned one and how blessed we are that they are such healthy and happy little girls.  It amazes me every day that those two little precious spirits were entrusted to Adam and I to love and take care of.  There are days where it overwhelms me how much I love those little girls.

Though today is their actual birthday, we are not having their birthday get together until Sunday afternoon due to conflicting schedules with family.  I am excited to have family (and a few friends) over on Sunday to celebrate their cuteness for a whole year now.

So until I get more 1st Birthday Photos.. Let me remind you how much they have grown in the past year!

 Me 18 weeks pregnant with the twins

The day they decided they needed to come out even earlier than planned!

Charlotte one day old - as they were switching her units I got to hold her without any tubes
or wires, or anything for a whole couple of minutes.. It was beautiful peace!

Ruby foot - I know I have this one before too, but I love it!
Charlottes little finger in mine!
 The day before we got to come home as a family... 

SOOO cute and getting bigger!
Just the other day - not their best photo, but a candid shot of how big they are getting!

Look for sometime either Sunday/Monday another post with their 1st Birthday photos and a bunch of photos of things they have done this year!



Mama Padilla said...

Happy Birthday to your little girls!
I have MoMo girls, too :]

Deborah said...

Happy birthday to your sweet little girls! They sure have come a long way!

The Full Nelson said...

Happy birthday cute girls!! said...

It is really really nice to meet another multiple momma!!

Oh the
You are some momma!
I too do the guilt thing...feel better...
In fact MOST MOMS do!

Hope you come visit...later

Hope work goes well