Sunday, March 14, 2010

Run Forrest RUN

Having the name JENNY when Forrest Gump became popular, had no shortage of people quoting Forrest lines to me for years and years after.  Even now I get the occasional one and think they must have just recently watched the movie!

My point is simple today - I wish I had been Forrest and been able to run across the country  - just run, and run and run - maybe THEN  I would fit into my favourite jeans!

How did you get back into your favourite jeans after having a baby (or two at once in my case)????


The Full Nelson said...

I am not looking forward to getting back into my fav jeans after this baby...weight is a packing on in all the wrong places. ONCE I have my babies and am not hungey all hours of the day I just really watch what I eat. I should exercise too but somehow never get around to it.

Roth Family said...

Lots of exercise and watching what I ate. However, the more kids I had the harder it was. Stress also was hard. Exercise was my release. I think it is harder for me now, due to lack of time to exercise and eat period.