Thursday, May 27, 2010

10 Things

10 Things I think are OVERPRICED!

1. Pregnancy tests
2. Feminine products
3. Toilet Paper
4. Diamonds
5. Car seats
6. Cars
7. Canadian cell phone plans
8. Good Running shoes
9. Baby Formula
10. Diapers (though I cloth diaper mostly)

Anyone agree.. disagree? Have their own to add to the list??
Next week I will post the most common results from my comments. Which means though that you will have to comment.. I will even say who the idea came from and linky link to your own blog! I have been having so much fun blog surfing and made me realize my blog is so insignificant out there, but I will still plug away at it since I have been terrible at journaling!

So do share with me what you think is seriously overpriced!


The Conner Clan said...

I totally agree with the feminine products and toilet paper! I've said before that I think it's too expensive but they can put the price at whatever they want because they know people will pay it because people need those products.

A couple things I think are overpriced:

-Cat/dog food
-Bottled juice (like cranberry juice!)
-Laundry detergent
-Frozen pizza

What a good idea for a blog post!

Chantal said...

-baby clothes (they are a tenth of the size, shouldn't they be a tenth of the price)?
-produce (no wonder so many Americans are over weight, it cost an arm and a leg to eat healthy)

Paul said...

SUSHI!!! - Lindsey

Visible Voice said...

I may not be the best candidate for this seeing where I live and all but I think in Canada no matter where you live Milk is way overpriced. They can regulate alcohol's prices but not milk??? Um what?

And should I have a conversation about how I feel about Auto Insurance and what a scam it is? Just sayin'.

Made.By.Jess said...

I posted about it here on my blog with a link back to you. Thanks for the post. I ♥ your blog..

Mommycrat said...

In our world, I think my husband's hair product (Axe Hair Pomade) is crazy expensive. As are many other hair products - I use simple mousse, and wait for sales.

Also, I know the next one can totally be avoided with planning - but buying lunches at work. When I started work (about seven years ago), I could find salad and sandwhich for $5 - which was okay. Now, the cheapest anywhere for the same is $7 - and you are more often in the $8 something range. I'll just need to get in the habit.

On some of the stuff above:
- frozen pizza? I refuse to buy unless it is under $5 and preferably under $4 - I just have to wait for Walmart sales.
- and baby formula - ooh yes.

Great blog - I stopped by from MBC and am now following and would love if you did the same.

Louise @

Mini MNM's said...

baby formula
hair dye (if you do it yourself at home)
some produce is ungodly expensive!
baby gear (ie strollers, exersaucers, jumperoos, swings, etc.) you only use them for such a short period of time, then you can't anymore