Monday, May 10, 2010

{Top 10} Make Me Cry Movie Moments!

So a blog I follow - Busy Bee Lauren has been doing a week long of top tens.  I however, have not been doing that but decided to join her in her latest one.. Top 10 things which make me cry - like every time!

I was not sure if I could find 10 because lets face it - I never cry!! OK, I know I joke, but most my my crying involved movies, songs, TV shows, or babies!

So I have decided to go for the movie moments!

 1.  Pride and Prejudice - picking only one spot in the "movie" it terribly difficult because I LOVE LOVE the entire A&E 6 hour version!  If you have only watched the newer version and loved it, I highly suggest you watch the true 6 hours of it!

 2.  Forrest Gump - Plenty of times through the movie but the ending when he is talking to Jenny's Grave is one of the most touching moments in movie history (IMO)

 3.  She's Having a Baby - Plenty of people probably have not seen this movie, and let me be honest not the worlds greatest movie, but I LOVE it.. and anyone with any type of heart would cry at some points in this movie! (keep in mind 1988 movie folks!)

 4.  Charly - A Mormon Made movie that would touch the heart of anyone who has ever loved or hoped to love!  (Just adding this clip makes me cry)

 5. Dead Poet's Society - If you have not seen it, please watch it!  This is one of my favourite scenes from the movie - actually pretty much anyones favourite scene who has seen the movie!

 6.  Gladiator - Perhaps the ending scene is not the one I should use, but I love the music.. This movie does not only make me cry because it is sad and beautiful, but because it is movie brilliance..

 7.  Anne of Green Gables - It is hard to find a good video of Anne of Green Gables - and I don't have the time to upload one of my own, so I will post two!  One of the scenes which breaks my heart every time when Gilbert says "please say yes" and the other is a good mix of scenes from their "journey"

 8.  Busy Bee Lauren and I have this one in common!  Sense and Sensibility - I am a mess by the end of the movie and really - I laugh sometimes because I cry as much as she does and I KNOW I would be in the same lack of control of my emotions!

 9.  Message in a Bottle - Nicholas Sparks - Enough Said really!  The ending of this movie breaks my heart in two every time... I do not know why I torture myself with it really... (it ends before she finishes the letter so watch clip 14 too!)

10. What list would not be complete without Notting Hill -


Oscar*Chantelle*Eugenio said...

I would have to say that if I was making that smae list. They all would be on there.
I have seen she's having a baby, and I LOVE that movie.
I wouldn't have put gladiator. Ghost now that is a good cry movie.
Also anything from Jane Austin and Nicholas sparks. They are amazing authors.
Good list though.

Oscar*Chantelle*Eugenio said...

Oh yes, and the 6 hour version of Pride and Predjice is amazing.

The Full Nelson said...

definately agree with Pride and Prejudice...oh Mr Darcy...

Tams said...

I LOVE Dead Poet's Society. Goosebumps everytime I see the ending.

The movie that made me cry the worst, and I vowed I would never watch again... and I haven't... Homeward Bound.

Yes... it's true. ;)

Letherton said...

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Mini MNM's said...

I would have to add Nicholas sparks' movies Nights in Rodanthe and The Notebook!