Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Before any of your freak out and get excited thinking that the title of this post has anything to do with me being currently pregnant and surprising you all, you will be seriously disappointed. I have one year old twins!! I do not wish for another baby just yet!

What today IS though, is my actual due date when my sweet little MoMo twins were due!

I just learned of a couple in Nove Scotia who sadly lost their MoMo Twins (at different times throughout the pregnancy) and it reaffirms just how blessed we were! The rarity and risk of the type of twins we have made me extend my arm of friendship to other mothers out there going through the same thing and when we learn of their trials, it deeply reminds me that having the girls screaming their heads off as they bang on the door at 7am to go outside is not a trial, but a blessing in those moments, because we have them with us to drive us crazy.

Life is so fragile and so delicate.

So today while I was out running a few errands and I got the usual slightly annoying, highly repetitive questions about wether or not the girls are twins (and then asked today after saying yes) being asked if they are Sisters, instead of giving them a "are you serious" face, I answered with much conviction... YES they are sisters and each others best friend already!

As I type this little post and listen to the girls waking up and laughing with each other and talking their own little language, my heart is filled and spilling over with the love I never knew I was capable of giving and receiving from them. Though they are constant work (like any children) and they test every ounce of patience I have, they are here... they are ours and they are healthy and beautiful, and for that, no matter how many late nights there were, no matter how many nights I spent in the hospital before they came, no matter how many trips to the hospital daily for 2 months we made after they were here, nothing clouds over my joy I feel when they snuggle into my arms and lay their head on my shoulder giving me a hug while saying "awww"... Awe is right, I am in awe at how blessed my life continues to be.


The Full Nelson said...

such pretty little girls and how lucky to have them both happy and healthy! sometimes it's hard to remember that screaming kids is a blessing but you are oh so right!

Nicole Wagner said...

Oh Jenny, they are so beautiful!!! and so sweet yes!!! you are blessed!!xo

Made.By.Jess said...

Children are blessings and I feel the same way. I make sure everyday that they know I love them. Aidan and Adisyn are SUPPOSED to be in my life and I would be a total different person without them. I wish more people could see this though. I wish more people didn't take their kids for granted..
You are very lucky to have twins (but did you ever get any sleep)?
I feel like I found a new blogger buddy...♥Jess