Friday, May 14, 2010

Sunshine Makes Me Happy

Actually, sunshine makes my twins happy and they LOVE being outside.  Just this morning at 7am they were at the door knocking on it wanting to go outside already.  It unfortunately is not really warm enough to enjoy outside at 7am yet here, so they will have to be content for a few more weeks staying inside and playing with mommy!

Yesterday was a beautiful afternoon which we spent outside enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine.  The girls are getting better with leaving their hats on and are very willing to let me put on sunscreen (it is like they somehow figured out Mommy does not worry about our hats as much when they have it on) and they would sleep outside I am sure if I figured out a way for them to be able to do that.  I am very grateful they love being outside and we will spend a lot of time outside this summer playing or at our pool.

I was eager to take some photos of the girls yesterday in the beautiful sunshine, but I think a few minutes into it one of them put their fingers on my lens and I never realized it.  Most of my best shots have a "smudge" mark on them which you will be able to see, but I am posting them anyway.  Maybe today I will try again as I am sure we will be heading out anytime after they wake up!

Our girls are growing up so fast!  Charlotte took 8 steps in a row yesterday.. starting and stopping and Ruby is very proud of her two steps.. I know it is cute to see them "walking" but I certainly am not looking forward to running after them that much more!

Here are a few photos for your enjoyment...

Charlotte crawling away to try to eat more dirt!

Ruby- Giving me the - Seriously Mom - the hat again look!

Ruby - doing one of her favourite things, reading a book! (sorry for the terrible smudge)

Charlotte - look all crazy and cute

What would have been a great photo of Ruby - Minus the smudges

People always say how little hair the girls have, but I don't see it that way! (Notice the cloth diapers on my clothesline.. oh I love the sunshine!)



The Full Nelson said...

karington is still pretty bald and is 19 months old! Sunshine makes me and the kids happy too, I just wish I had some more energy to play in it right now!!

Deborah said...

Abbi is the same way - she'd be happy to spend every minute outside!! And be careful for when they do start walking, because it will change everything! I'm exhausted at the end of every day because Abbi is such a mover!

Tams said...

Adorable! Adorable!!!

Tams said...

I wish we were closer too! I haven't climbed on statues in SO long... we must meet soon and do that!!!