Wednesday, June 16, 2010

20 minute workout - Constantly

I KNEW that having children was going to be a lot of work, and that I would do a lot of running around after them.  What I did NOT know, was that I was going to be running after twins!  The girls are on the move.  Charlotte tries to walk everywhere, which in itself is extra work because she does not grasp the concept of walking around in our living room is not quite the same as taking off down the paved driveway. (Her knees tell the story though)

As most of you already know, my girls LOVE being outside.  When I say love, I mean it in the passionate way that I love ice-cream.  If it is there, I want it!  Thankfully for me, ice-cream is not always available, but the great outdoors is.  730 in the morning the girls are crying at the front door wanting to go outside!

I can't make it through the entire day if we spend it all outside!  We have a large property (which I love) but no need for a fence around it, and well I have to keep my eyes on them constantly.  Between the many things they can get into, it is a constant work out running after them now that they are even faster on the move.  It was WONDERFUL when we could all go outside, spread a blanket and they would sit and play for hours and not wonder what it would be like to eat dirt, grass, mommies plants, leaves, twigs, bugs, and whatever else they manage to find on the ground!

Now this is what my day consists of!
I have even taken to bringing their high chairs outside for lunch in the shade because dragging those outside is a lot easier than dragging them both inside kicking and screaming because they do not want to come inside.  I cannot blame them really, it is beautiful outside and I honestly love eating my lunch outside on the deck, so I do not mind, and think it is quite cute!

So here is a peek at a couple of hours outside with the girls today...


A bit of story time after cleaning up from lunch! (as much time as I can get out of the chairs!)

Looking at mommies flower bed

Eating Mommies flower bed (I have tried many times to stop them.. I let them get a taste now hoping that they will figure out it is nasty and stop.. The more I try to stop them, the more they want to eat!)

Charlotte pondering the taste of DIRT!

Whoever said that premie babies do not get chubby - um well look at them now!! Ruby just crawling through the flower bed while Charlotte munches on a stick!

Charlotte in her very colourful outfit (yeah I know it does not all match) eating the leaves from the tree!

Can you tell which one is my trouble maker already???  Where I found Charlotte when I turned my back for a minute to stop Ruby from climbing up and standing on our deck chairs.. That is the look she gave me when I told her to get down... I did not quite catch the bottom lip hanging down.  The girls are at the age now where they are understanding that mommy or daddy is NOT happy about something they are doing and you should see the lips they give us... CUTE - but not so cute!

SO that is about 2 hours of time during my day with the twins....
For all you mothers of multiples or little children close to age, what are some of your outdoor activities that you find keep them entertained and how do you keep them from running all over the neighbourhood???


varunner said...

They're so cute! Even though mine are crawling and totally over the infant restraint devices (i.e. exersaucer, swing, jumperoo) they will still tolerate them outside because it means they get to be outside! So we use those. We have a baby porch swing so I'll put one in that (it just hangs from the roof) and put the other twin in the step 2 push car and push him around. Also, I have been known to bring the pack n play outside, fill it with toys, and let them play that way. Another thing is a baby pool, with just a few inches of water in it. They like the water so they don't really try to climb out of it. these kids just love to be outdoors!

DigiMom said...

Your twins are adorable!!! I have the same situation with a large yard and no fence, which makes for one exhausted mommy trying to keep up. My son just loves it outside just like your little ones.

Stopping by from MBC. :)

The Full Nelson said...

oh my! I feel for you, but boy they sure look cute getting into trouble!

Sherri said...

OH I SMILED through your entire post! you have the most adorable girls ever! If you think your having fun now.....just wait! It gets even better! They are lucky to have such a great mommy! (I share you LOVE for ice cream...and my kids share your kids love for the outdoors. Too bad the ice cream melts outside, or I would be eating it while they run around! )
I am excited to follow along your journey!