Thursday, June 03, 2010

Top Ten Thursday

Top Ten Reasons I love my Husband (this week)

1. He knows how to deal with me
2. He tells me how great of a mother I am with the girls
3. He tries extra hard in the morning to be quiet not to wake the house when he goes to work so I might get those extra 15-30 minutes sleep before the girls wake up
4. He works really hard
5. He has such a kind and loving soul (not just for his family)
6. He is not a picky eater and will eat the same thing for dinner/lunch a few days in a row!
7. He is SO good with his daughters - and they love him so much
8. He supports and helps me find time to work out
9. He is supportive of my SCENTSY venture
10. My number one reason this week... the flowers he got me with the little note... and I quote!
"20ish team members (on my Scentsy team)!!!"
"20ish pounds lost!!"
"20ish days until I join you at home for the summer"
"20ish year I've been looking for someone like you"

I love you

What are some of the reasons you LOVE your significant other this week??

(I will post them in my Friday follow up next week and link to your blog)

Check back tomorrow for the Follow up Friday for last weeks Question


brown paper packages said...

You've got darling girls...I've got two sets of twins myself (set of girls, set of boys)!!

Michelle said...

Great blog! What a beautiful family! I'm following from MBC! Follow me back at

Jocelyne, Greg & Co. said...

What a nice note from your husband!