Sunday, June 13, 2010

Teaching them Early

My twins LOVE going to Indigo Books to play and to read books in the "Teacup"! We also thought it was wise to teach the girls that grocery shopping is fun...That way maybe the fits will be minimal when they get older :)

Here is a little of both!

Please forgive the poor quality - these were on my IPhone!


Mommycrat said...

Too cute! I wish we had big teacups at our local bookstore :) They do have a nice kids section though - complete with reading circles for kids once in a while.

But no huge tea cups :(

And the shopping is sweet too!

The Bings said...

too cute as always! I'm so excited, we are getting one of those teacups at the chapters I work at this summer it's going to be awesome!!

When did I become my Mom said...

So cute! Here from MBC.

Capital Mom said...

We have a picture of the kids in a tea cup too. If only it spinned!

Cassandra said...

they're so cute! I love the tiny little shopping cart, gotta start them early! :)

Sofia said...

Awh! They are so cute We used to have a natural food store that had those small shopping carts and my kids just loved them. We moved about 6 years ago & I still havent found a store that is as kid friendly!