Friday, June 11, 2010

Never Heard That Before

So tonight my in laws (who are next door) were trying out their new fire pit for the first time and we had an invitation to come over and roast some marsh mellows and sit around the fire.. Which of course we took up! As I am writing this quick note I am basking in the scent of camp fire, and loving it.

So Jazzy (my step daughter) who will be 4 in October and our neighbour friend Gracie were playing hide-and-go-seek while we adults sat around the fire. The girls came back for round two of roasting and I noticed Jazzy looked like she might have peed her pants (which she never does). When we asked her if she had she of course was embarrassed but then quickly added the reason why she peed her pants, and I quote...

"I couldn't go in an pee, we were playing hide-and-go-seek and I had a really great hiding spot and I did not want Gracie to find me"

I think she might have her Fathers Competitive nature!!

The sun was right in our faces but I had to post a photo of the girls first "bon fire"


The Full Nelson said...

poor girl! But how often do you find that good of a hiding spot!

The Super Seven said...

I think that it's funny that she had a good reason like that......sounds like something Georgia would say. Looks like a great night for's on my lists of things I would love in the backyard......the fence and shed have to come first though....LOL

Cassandra said...

Hi, I just found your blog from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog, I will definitely be following u :) your girls are so adorable!

and that is too funny about the older one not wanting to give up her hiding spot LOL!