Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mama's Listening

I have been a fan of Sarah McLachlan since I can remember. I am so excited because after 7 LONG years, she's finally put out a new album, Laws of Illusion. If you have never listened to her before, she is chill, puts a smile on your face and it is the perfect blend of music. Her unique voice is haunting and simply beautiful.

If you are planning on only downloading one song or two from this album you would be mistaken. The entire album is beautiful and perfectly Sarah!

I am absolutely in love with the Song "Awakenings" and "Forgiveness" Her emotions are raw and out there in her music and you can tell a lot of it is based on the emotions she would have recently gone through with her divorce.

Here is a little listening pleasure!

If you are a Sarah fan.. what is favourite Sarah song????


Erin said...

Well.... I haven't listened to Sarah for quite some time but I used to love the songs "Adia" and "Angel" and a few others on that same album. I didn't realize she put out another one and I will definitely be listening to more! Thanks!

The Full Nelson said...

She was on Canada AM last week and I forgot how amazing her voice is. Not at all like these people who sound totally different when they sing live...she sounds exactly the same live as on her albums. I still love Angel!

Anonymous said...
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